Thanksgiving Paris Manifesto


We shouldn’t be starting with porn but we must.

We support the idea of a porn industry and the idea of people making a living photographing and sharing images of sex but we don’t support an industry that exclusively distributes portrayals of almost exclusively male pleasure and climax.

Similarly, we support the idea of government and the right of people to both expect and to deliver society, safety and services to other people, but we don’t support any government that exclusively supplies systems created almost exclusively of male ideology and triumph.

Thus, to begin a revolution, we are demanding a climate of reparation:

Porn made by men is hereby outlawed for one hundred years (one full century).

In all other arts and representations, i.e.: film, television, books, poetry, song-writing and architecture, fifty years (one half-century) will be adequate for the ban.

These measures, while extreme, are the only method through which we can experience what authentic female representation would truly look like. We don’t see this as a punishment, but rather an offering of an opportunity for all people, especially men, men to operate within a female-constructed reality.

War is a cultural invention dreamed up by men; it is a product of their governing and government. We intend to permanently end war.

Implicit herein is an indictment of racism. In the US and globally, a police force enacts war culture and perpetuates and endorses violence and terror on the local level, person to person. The implementation of this cultural product employs the narrative that positions lighter-skinned peoples above darker-skinned peoples. Our intention is to disrupt this forever.

We thereby and hereby demand an immediate end to male government. Male constructed governing must cease for one hundred years (one century).

All primary positions of power (including but not limited to presidents and queens, prime ministers, cabinet ministers and their ombudsmen, kings, comptrollers, their representatives and congresspeople, alderpeople, senators, lords and mayors) must be held by female-identified or vagina-bodied people. In addition, the congresses and governing bodies supervised by and working in concert with said positions of power must be held by female-identified or vagina-bodied people.

Regarding the global economy, we have no specific recommendations, but feel that the preceding actions and demands will have vast repercussions. Have no fear: just as industrialization and factories marked the end of an Agrarian sense of time, the invention of the computer and the internet allow for a newly Utopian way of life:  a fresh definition of work and who needs to do it.

In our understanding the cause of the current problem is that very few men are handing down edicts to the mass of men. Many men feel badgered, repressed, wounded, unrewarded and swollen with hurt by this state of things. We want to invite men to enthusiastically join us in the toppling of this artificial masculinist hierarchy. We know the current cultural, sociological, political, and spiritual expectations and definitions of maleness have robbed you of your manhood, of your strongest heart. We know you also look at killing and feel: I will not.

What we will do:

1)    Bury our guns. We ask you to dig mass graves for pistols, rifles, AK-47s, hand grenades, bombs, toy guns, squirt guns or whatever you can put your hand on that hurts. We encourage you to identify unused real estate in your area or neighborhood and please use it to this end.

2)    God = Kindness.

3)    With the invention of computers, the world is now wired for Armageddeon. The Middle East has always represented the beginning and the end of the world. As a real and symbolic measure, we invite all people (who feel as we do) to go to Jerusalem. Let us stand there, at the borders forever, holding hands to protect that space. We declare a new inevitable of peace in which the Female Face of God will show.

4)    Our document is weapon-less. Our bravest offering is our time and our very lives. Stand with us now.

Paris, France 2015